Schedule a Reiki Session

Sessions are 75  minutes and cost  $145. Times are available Monday – Wednesday and Fridays – Saturdays. 10-5.

House calls are available for an extra $15. Please indicate on the schedule which you would prefer. Those with an allergy to cats are advised to book a house call.

Appointments canceled within 24 hours will incur a $50 cancellation fee. Thank you.

What you can expect from your treatment

You can expect to lay on a massage table/cot  fully clothed and completely comfortable for the duration of this time. Facilitated mediation is created with the use of hands as light touch therapy. There will be sometime afterwards for reflection and grounding and a cup of tea!

Reiki is meant as a complimentary aid in all healing and does not interfere with any other healing modalities. Reiki is never meant to replace medical protocols or psychotherapy.

Reiki is not diagnostic or proscriptive.

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